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Tenements are what workers stayed in when they were working in the mines during the industrial revolution. A tenement is a large. A tenement is a large building divided into many rooms. The word “tenement” originally referred to tenancy and therefore to any rented accommodation. Tenements make up a large percentage of the housing stock. Tenements were originally made for a lot of immigrants, immigrating to the city. Tenements have very poor conditions and often people got sick or got diseases due to these slum conditions.
The tenements were dirty and not sanitary at all, people often didn’t have fresh food and water to eat and drink. In the 1900’s, many people began crowding into America’s cities, including hundreds of newly arrived immigrants looking for a better one than the one that they had, had in their previous lives.
In New York City’where the population increased every 10 years, from 1800 to 1880. Buildings that had once been single-family dwellings were increasingly divided into multiple living spaces to accommodate this growing population. Known as tenements, these narrow, low-rise apartment buildings were all too often cramped, poorly lit and lacked indoor plumbing and proper ventilation.
A tenement building had 5-7 stories. Many tenements began as single-family ‘apartments’, and many older structures were converted into tenements by adding floors on top or by building more space in other areas. With less than a foot of space between buildings, very little air and light could get in.
In many tenements, only the rooms on the street got any light, and the interior rooms had no ventilation (air conditioning, unless air shafts were built directly into the room). Later, people began building new tenements, often using cheap, horrible materials and construction shortcuts. Even now, this kind of housing was at best uncomfortable and at worst highly unsafe. Tenements were not the ideal place for people to stay but it kept everybody in one place so that’s where they had to stay and man people got dieseas and different types of sicknesses because of the terrible conditions and the serious lack of space, everyone was practically living on-top of each other.
When more tenements were built people took ‘shortcuts’ when making them because they didn’t actually care how comfortable or uncomfortable someone was if they didn’t have to stay in those tenements so they built it as quickly as possible so that more and more people could stay in the tenements and then from there more and more diseases spread because there was very little sanitation and everybody was tightly packed so there was no chance of anybody being comfortable or having ‘space to breathe’

My tenements are showing what people from the industrial revolution stayed in and how they looked. My model was built by making the tenements, and then by painting them one by one. I used sand to make the roads and stuck the tenements to that. I drew windows onto the tenements to give them more of an effect and also put pictures of the inside of the tenements on them. I made was lines and put pieces of old material/fabric to use as washing. I stuck old pictures of tenements on the outside of the shoebox.
‘ Polystyrene
‘ Sand
‘ Pictures of tenements
‘ String
‘ Fabric
‘ Glue
‘ Shoebox
‘ Permanent marker
‘ Paint
1. First I placed the sand on the bottom of the shoebox
2. Then I cut the tenements into reasonable sizes
3. I painted each tenements grey
4. I then printed the pictures to cover the outside of the shoebox
5. I pasted the pictures onto the shoebox
6. I drew the windows onto the tenements using a permanent marker
7. I used string to make washing lines and hung fabric onto them.
To complete this project I had help from my mom. She helped me cut the polystyrene.
Randpark High School 2015 Grade 8 History File

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