Essay: Thailand military seizes power in coup

It was the day of May 22nd of 2014 and Thailand’s military has finally announced it is taking control of the government and has suspended the constitution after months of political turmoil in Thailand. Martial law has been imposed since Tuesday and the army announced the coup on Thursday. Coup d’??tat is a sudden endeavor by a gathering of few individuals to assume control over the legislature ordinarily through violence, and this is Thailand’s 12th Coup since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932 according to BBC News (2014). The purpose for this military action is to reform political structure, the economy and society, because the political fighting has resulted in 28 deaths(*or casulaties) and more than 700 cases of injuries since November when anti-government protesters began calling for the removal of the Pheu Thai government. The military established a junta called the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to govern the nation. Wikipedia stated that in the wake of dissolving the administration and the Senate, the NCPO vested the official and authoritative powers in its pioneer and requested the legal extension to work under its orders. Also, it halfway revoked the 2007 constitution, announced check in time across the country, banned political get-togethers, captured and kept government officials and against upset activists, forced web restriction and took control of the media. However, one of their priorities is a push for Gross National Happiness. The day after the coup General Prayuth told diplomats that economic revival was a big priority. Provide happiness to the nation is counted as a separated issue, apparently. A week later, and state agencies have been reported to be working on a Happiness Index. The Nation, a pro-establishment newspaper that has come to read like a Thai variation on one of Vietnam’s Party-controlled papers, reported that under the generals all of the existing economic plans have been amended in order to boost nation happiness. But is this Coup legitimate or illegitimate?

There are three reason why Thailand’s Coup d’??tat in 22nd May 2014 is illegitimate. First of all it undermines the freedom in society. I think this is the most crucial point that led the coup to be considered as illegitimate. For example, after reporting the overthrow, the NCPO imposed a ban on political social occasions and coordinated all dissidents to disperse. It requested all instructive establishments, both open and private, to close from 23 to 25 May 2014. It likewise forced a time limitation all through the nation, requesting individuals to remain inside from 22:00 to 05:00 hours. The curfew was later changed to 24:00 to 04:00 hours, effective from 28 May 2014.The check in time was lifted in many parts of the nation on 13 June 2014. Moreover, the NCPO requested all TV and radio stations to cease airing their own particular consistent projects and to telecast the RTA programs only. It kept Wanchai Tantiwittayapitak, agent executive of the Thai Open TV Administration which works Thai PBS station, after he allowed the station to live show a unique program about the upset populace on YouTube rather than television. On the project, a few researchers, including Chulalongkorn College teacher Gothom Arya, were interviewed with and gave negative remarks on the coup. Thai PBS said Wanchai was taken to the First Armed force Range home office to “tune in seeing between the media and army”. On 23 May 2014, the NCPO summoned all media bosses to the Thai Armed force Club and requested the web access suppliers to edit any data considered provocative, creating open aggravation, containing authority mysteries, likely adverse to national security, or defamatory to the NCPO. It additionally undermined to close down social networking on the off chance that its administrator neglects to piece data impelling distress or actuating “restriction to peacekeeping”. Toward the evening of 23 May, the simple broadcasting companies, aside from Thai PBS, were permitted to resume their typical programs, after the NCPO requested the network access suppliers to piece all show imparting endeavors on the web and taught the National Television and Information transfers Commission to close down web based television. All computerized TV stations were allowed to resume their telecast the accompanying day. On 24 May 2014, the media associations issued a public statement urging the NCPO to end the confinement of press opportunity when possible. The NCPO reacted by summoning all media administrators, informing them that they were obliged to go to a meeting with the NCPO first.

Notwithstanding a boycott on political social events of more than five people, demonstrators, including Thammasat University understudies, walked to the Democracy Monument on 23 May 2014 to express their resentment at(of) the coup. However the military ceased them from progressing to the landmark, referring to apprehension of viciousness and clash. I think in this point, even proposing one opinion is not permitted. In my opinion, expressing is acceptable. Stopping them may imply that military took away our freedom, or as we can say democracy. On the same day, another protest took place at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, led by freelance media, artists and social activists. Nevertheless, NCPO sent soldier to detain the protesters. Shots were fired by unknown gunman, but in my opinion it was the soldier who sought to disband the protest. Even the protest that took place outside the center for Thailand, Bangkok, was stopped. In Chiang Mai Province, a gathering of individuals clad in dark as an indication of dissent held hostile to upset exercises for quite a long time, including walking to the city’s antiquated dividers where they performed a candle lit function restricting the military’s action. Some of them were secured by military on 24 May. Anti-overthrow revitalizes likewise happened in a few different regions. In Khon Kaen Province, understudies held a service to offer goodbye to majority rules system before Central Plaza Khon Kaen shopping center where military officers were stationed. In Maha Sarakham Province, understudies held an against upset dissent amidst the city yet fighters came and seized dissenting materials, for example, banners. A gathering of Thai individuals living in Australia held hostile to overthrow exercises at Kings Park, Perth, on 26 May. Various against upset activists outside Bangkok were later summoned by provincial military courts and were kept without charge.

The second reason is Thailand economy is affected hugely by this action. One-tenth of Thailand’s gross domestic product is tourism sector. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports said that the arrival of foreign tourists has dropped by 20% in the first quarter. This industry, which has had the second best position in Asia after Hong Kong, is expected to fall further 10%-12%. “When you have political instability that’s affecting your tourism numbers, that’s going to reduce your national income and that will spill over to weakening consumption,” CLSA economist Tony Nafte said. “The impact from tourism is one of the key contributors to the economy’s overall decline.” Moreover, during the week the curfew was in effect, various lodgings and restaurants took a hit. Suwanich Kanjanakunya, a chief at Eastin Amazing Lodging in Bangkok, said income from the nourishment and refreshment fragment fell by 40%, while room occupancy dropped by 30%. To be precise, Foxnews (2014) stated that the number of tourists decline by 1.77 million people compared with 2013.

Companies that once insisted they were committed to Thailand, despite its periodic disruptions, are increasingly saying they are losing faith. Auto makers including Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. stated they are delaying or rethinking plans for new investments (as much as $610 million) in the country as national car annual sales drop by 25.9%. The auto and auto parts industries already lay off about 10,000 people this month, a trade group said. Some analysts expect 30,000 auto workers to lose their jobs this year, and unemployment leading to a more serious problem afterward. Also Mr. Tanada, president of Toyota Motor Thailand said that the expiry of a popular tax rebate for first-time car buyers under Yingluck Shinawatra government, as well as the political upheaval and economic falloff, had hurt sales. “If the military government would consider lifting martial law, it would really be good for both the economy and the auto industry,” said Ninnart Chaiteerapinyo, vice chairman of Toyota Motor Thailand.

The last reason is international relationship. Coup has affected Thailand in term of creditability. Europe is one of the main trade partner of Thailand (Goods traded between the EU and Thailand totaled around 32 billion euros). The European Union will delay the signing of an agreement on closer economic and political ties with Thailand and will not sign the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Thailand, until a democratically elected government is in place (23 June 2014).

Moreover, USA’s Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement condemning the coup, saying that he is “disappointed” by the army’s decision and “this act will have negative implications for the U.S.’Thai relationship, especially for our relationship with the Thai military. A joint military drill was cancelled and military aid suspended.

In conclusion, the coup may prevent the political turmoil from taking a turn for the worse. But reasons stated above clearly portray the consequences that explain why Thailand’s Coup d’??tat in22nd May 2014 is illegitimate. Also, regaining credibility and appointing a democratically elected government in place as soon as possible is necessary as it would bring about the international relationship and investor confidence back to its place. Then the recovery period for the nation is expected to be not far.

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