Essay: The founding fathers

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and so many others were known as this Country’s Founding Fathers. The controversy about whether the Founding Fathers were patriots or traitors has been going on for a long time now. While some may feel like they were using their God given rights, and exhibiting their devotion to fight for America, the truth is that they betrayed whom their leaders were in order to have their own way. There were three major qualities that stood out in them as being a prime definition of a traitor. One was betraying the country they claimed to be part of in the first place, second was putting innocent people in harms-way, and the third was their need for more. The Founding Fathers displayed these acts with much audacity and refused to look at it any other way.

Greed played a very important role in the Founding Fathers motive to go through with what they started. Not only the luxury that came along with the idea of detaching from Britain, but the need for superiority was the key to the lock that opened the doors for America to be ruled by people who wanted to be called Americans instead of the Brits. Since they were tired of the constant pressure of the Crown on their backs and how they were being treated, they felt like the right thing to do was create their own government. In doing this, all they were contemplating was how they were going to rule this new land and how these new riches would assist them throughout their journey. Their greed for independence was the true revelation on their motives to create what they felt was rightfully theirs, while in the process, harming everyone around them as well as destroying a country they claimed to be loyal to for many years before.

It is obvious that people died in the American Revolution. The Founding Fathers were absolutely responsible for this. If they did not want to try and hurt anyone in their process, why did they start this whole thing in the first place? In their minds, the only way that they could have gotten their voices heard was through violence, and it was this violence that lead to the deaths of 25,000 to 50,000 innocent lives. Honestly, a patriot would be someone who would do anything to stand up for his people and make sure that as little harm came to them as possible. However, our Founding Fathers must have felt otherwise. Letting all these people who just wanted to be free, die for them, was no way that they should have seen the situation come down too. Yet sadly, they had to.

The first thing that comes to mind while asked to think of a traitor is being rebellious or betraying who you claim to be loyal to. This is exactly what Lieutenant Colonel George Washington did. First of all, he was a high ranking lieutenant colonel of the British Army. Whoever decides to join the army would generally stay loyal to the country that they claim to be supporting and carry on with it all the way through. He nonetheless, felt like America to him was worth more than how he grew up and the culture he lived with most of his life. Britain stated that he was, ‘ Britain’s greatest ever foe’. Especially to one who views him as so loyal to Britain, this was a huge disappointment and a large act of betrayal of all who looked up to him.
As has now been forthcoming, a traitor is one who deliberately disobeys, rebells, and fights against a country they have been claiming to be loyal to. The Founding Fathers, whom Americans are so keen on calling patriotic and loyal, had shown numerous amounts of disrespect for the country they were once part of. Their greed, hostility towards others, and betrayal were things that could not have been taken lightly. Even though in their minds it felt like the right thing to do, to others nations, especially Britain, they were viewed as traitors. In their attempt to do what they could be acknowledged heroic for, they were wrong and as a consequence, they were cast out and seen forever in the eyes as what they truly are, hypocrites.

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