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‘A defense attorney should not permit his or her professional judgment or obligations to be affected by his or her own political, business, property, or personal interests (Pollock, 2012).’

One of the ethical issue in this case is when the attorney knows that his client probably is the shooter in this case and he still is obligated to defend the client no matter if he is guilty or not. Everybody deserves counsel and that it is the ethical duty of the attorney to provide such counsel. It has been found that court appointed attorneys do not do as good as paid attorneys. When the gun was sent to his office that was proof of the suspension, even though the attorney was sure that his client was guilty he has to treat this case as if he is sure his client is not. That is attorney-client privileges. He has to do everything that he would do if his client was paying and if he was sure and had no evidence that his client was the defendant. The attorney has to argue and object to anything that would jeopardize his freedom. Attorneys have to make sure that they only talk about extenuating circumstances when they are sure they are not being monitored or recorded.

There are several conflict of interest rules. You cannot talk to the attorney that has the other defendant as a client. You cannot represent two people involved in the same crime at the same time. You are not supposed to work with the prosecutor or make deals with them, but they do. Attorneys cannot make a profit out of a case by selling the rights to the case until after the final judgment and sentencing has happened. The legal issues are is the attorney doing his best to defend the defendant? The attorney is expected to maintain a professional and courteous relationship with the opposing attorneys, litigants, and witnesses and to refrain from disparaging statements or badgering conduct. The defense attorney must not intimidate or otherwise influence the jury or trier of fact or use the media for these same purposes. Regardless of what is expected of attorneys of withholding evidence, manufacturing evidence, badgering…

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