Essay: Purpose of Human Resource Policy Requirements in an Organization

Purpose of Human Resource Policy Requirements in an Organization: Human resources policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule and regulation that members which is part of the organization should use and follow. Each of the policy is addresses an issue important to the organization’s mission, vision and operations.

The purposes of human resources policy is design to provide access to pertinent resources necessary for successful employments. Besides that, train employee in order to learn more about communication and promoting understanding between staff and supervisors because communication is values and expectation that every company wanted to have.

Human resources policies is also to assist in the development and consistent of human resource practices and resources, with that, document and implementation is the best practices that is appropriate to the organization. Human resources policies are to help management to decide decision that are consistent and predictable. It is also to protect individuals and the organization from the threats and pressures of expediency.

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The strategic management used by Unilever has realizes that happiness among employees directly affect the success and growth of the business. Unilever has set example of efficient human resource management by focusing on human rights and ensure that compliance with human right is carried out through its assurance process. Unilever has organised countless number of campaigns internationally in order to improve human resource management strategy of company and boost the motivation of all employee.

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3.2 Impact on Regulatory Requirement on Human Resource Policies

Human resource management have to be able to comply with all employee’s health, safety and other relevant legislation applicable for jurisdiction so that the organization will be able to operate. This includes federal, state and local laws that belong to various areas of HR such as recruitment, benefits, labour relations and termination. The safety, legal, and regulatory is the most important law to an organization because that department involves employing new workers, developing new strategy, utilizing, managing and understanding the staff in an organization.

3.2.1 Federal Law

Federal laws enshroud the whole areas of employment, starting from the employee’s being hired to being terminated. They scheme the basic needs and requirements such which employers and employees are covered, employee rights, record keeping, reporting and penalties for noncompliance. Other than that, the laws provide standards for wages and hours, safety and health, health benefits, retirement, workers’ compensation and working conditions. For example, some company provide insurance or health cards for their employees.

3.2.2 State Law

Human resources management which involves complying with the state laws governing different problems of employment for example family problems, employer prior notice to employees of termination, medical leave, safety and security, monthly wages and working hours, and of course, employees compensation. Employees should also have rights under the state common law, such as privacy and contract rights. Many local governments have their own employment-related company laws, which cover more areas than federal laws or state laws.

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