According to the dictionary, ‘Abortion (noun) is an operation to remove an unborn child from the womb before it has developed enough to survive.’ How can a woman murder her unborn child? Many couples want to have a child, but fate doesn’t allow them.

There are a lot of reasons why some women choose to abort their unborn child. One of these is teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is when you have get pregnant and give birth at the age of below 20. Basically, a pregnancy can take place after the start of the puberty before your first menstrual cycle, but usually occurs after the onset of periods.

Another reason for abortion is that it is an unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes, a couple has enough children or they cannot take the responsibilities of having another child because they cannot support the child financially. Think of it, there are so many things to do so you will not get pregnant.

Half of repeated abortion happened within the 12 months in the UK. These are the teenagers who have teenage pregnancy at the age of 13 to 19. The question is; why does the government allow these poor little unborn babies to be killed by their mother?

In the UK, it is about 200,000 abortions are carried out. Women in their teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s sometimes choose to end their unwanted pregnancy.

Our current law allows a woman to abort a baby up to 24 weeks, but in the University College London Hospitals, six out of seven babies born at 23 weeks lived. If a baby is alive even though it is only 23 to 24 weeks when they are born, why does our government made this law? There are so many ways for you to get rid of that baby if you do not want them. Killing them is not on the list.

When women choose to abort their unborn child, they have two options. It is either a surgical or medical procedure. It depends on how many weeks you are pregnant. First, if you are in 6 weeks and below, you will be given a prescription of two medicines. You need to take these medicines 36-48 hours apart. It is like having a miscarriage because you’re going to experience some bleeding and pain when the medicines work out in your body.

If you are in your 7 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, you will need to undergo in a procedure called vacuum aspiration or suction termination. The doctors or abortionist will use a gentle suction to remove the foetus from your womb. It takes 5 to 10 minutes and you need to be in a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic to undergo in this procedure.

Lastly, if you are in your 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, you are going to have this procedure called late medical abortion. If you are having this late medical abortion, you need to drink those two medicines that I have said a while ago in having an early abortion. However, this kind of abortion will take longer and more than one dose of medicines is needed. This abortion is the same as having a miscarriage.

But, miscarriage is not the same as abortion. Miscarriage is losing your baby in a natural way. It could be having a problem on your body but without drinking any abortion pills. If you have a miscarriage, you need to undergo an operation to help clean your womb and it is like the operation when you are having an abortion.

Some people say that the unborn child doesn’t have a life. Then why do people call that foetus an unborn child? As far as I know, a child is a young person, and a person is a human being. Every abortion kills an innocent human being. You are killing someone with life. Actually, when a woman is pregnant, they are the one who’s breathing for that unborn child and aborting them is killing your own flesh. A foetus develops its organs including their heart first.

For your information, foetus can feel pain at the age of 8 weeks. A foetus can actually feel psychological and physical pain. Let that sink into you mind! Can you imagine how painful it is? The physical pain they are experiencing because of the medicines that their mom is drinking to get rid of them and the psychological pain because their mom does not want them to live and their mom wants them to die. How could some people’s conscience take this kind of sin? How can you carry on with your lives when you know that you killed your baby?
ssWhy are you aborting the baby if you can give them a chance to live? You can send them to the adoption center so that they will have a family that will love them, the love that you do not want to give them.

Some of my readers might argue that they have the rights to do what they want. Did you think about your unborn child? Your unborn child also has the right, does not deserved to be killed and they deserve to see this wonderful world created by God. The only thing is that you, the mothers, have the choice but your child doesn’t have. Of course, your unborn child wants to live but you choose not to give them what they deserve. Do you think your child can fight for that? Do you think it is fair for them to be killed without doing anything to protect themselves?

Some people might argue to me that it is an unplanned pregnancy. First of all, why would you do such thing if you don’t want to be pregnant?

People will also argue about being sexually abused. It is not your child’s fault. It’s not his/her fault to be there in your womb. You can let your child be adopted, but do not think about aborting him/her.

If I were in the place of the women who have an unwanted pregnancy, I’m not going to abort my child. I will love him/her because they are blessing coming from God. Making you pregnant is not the unborn baby’s fault; it’s actually your fault. You let yourself do the wrong thing, and that’s the consequence. You should accept the responsibility and be responsible enough to be a mother. I know that it’s hard being a mother, but this responsibility will make you happy for the rest of your life because your child will take care of you someday.

Abortion is not the only choice. There are a lot of options you can choose. Every child has the right to live and enjoy this world. Let us be fair with them. Let us give them a chance!

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