Discrimination in American Society

Having read the long interesting plea regarding discrimination of the black race in the American society, I am grateful for the King’s efforts but at the same time disturbed by the problems that blacks encountered. Like a touching story written inside a jail cell is an indication of Dr. King’s intense desire to deliver America. In relation to this, his often daring efforts were not just to benefit him or his family and race, but it was good for America. It is evident from his advertising in the letter that other measures would have led to many deaths in the fight for racial equality.

Dr. King’s views on the church also to make an important point with regard to the role of the church. Since its start about two thousand years ago, the church has overcome rejection. The major battles that the church has fought against the superiority of one man over the other. Such as the cases of gladiatorial contests where the stronger men were regarded like some kind of gods. However, King and the whole America were disappointed by the church’s involvement in the segregation issue. When the church ought to have been practicing its role to serve God by rise the oppressed, it was made to serve laws implemented to segregate the black man. However, the church has a lot to learn from the accounts in this letter.

The modern America can as well refer its universal success as a superpower to the efforts by King and fighters. Had it not been for the King’s efforts, the demands by the black people would have in the end led to more violent measures. This would still be a visible scar on the American population as well as the economy. Also, the pleas for peace and the peaceful demonstrations made America one of the most different communities. Therefore, the pleas for brotherhood by King have created an impact on the most of the Americans.

King’s understanding is an admirable type. His letter constantly uses philosophy facts to justify claims and actions. This factor also made King an effective communicator of his ideas to all people of their level of education. As a voice for the people, King displays a lack of fear for speaking out his ideas. He is quick to criticize opponents of the movement who refer to him as an extremist. Like qualities are wonderful for any leader who has a noble mission.

The pain and suffering experienced by blacks in the hands of the oppressors is clear from King’s choice of words. While King does not seem to make any demanding remarks, he is facing of the style in the government, the church, and the white population knew the issue of racism. Reports of the lives lost as homes burnt are addressed. Although king is not expect a response, he promised to hold to his quest for equal and fair treatment of Americans. At that time when nations around the world were fighting for their rights and freedom, King showed true defender for human rights. His efforts served to give power his blacks’ friends to continue demanding for their rights in a war that brought a lot of transformation of the American society.

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