Equality and diversity

1. Important of equality and diversity in UAE.
Equality and diversity are two interrelated concepts. Equality in workplace means that all employees are treated equally without any kind discrimination and given the same opportunities despite of their age, gender, race and sex and diversity means that the organization actively welcomes employees belonging to various backgrounds and reflect this attitude in organization’s hiring policy and workplace culture.
In UAE the concepts of diversity and equality are gaining a lot of attention because:
• It helps every organization of UAE to adopt flexible and adaptive corporate culture.
• More the diversity and equality is within the organization more it become appealing for individuals.
• Also maintenance of equality and diversity is important in UAE because half of the workforce in UAE belongs to foreign countries especially from Asia. Therefore equality and diversity in every UAE’s organization help them a lot to work efficiently with more opportunities despite of their age, gender, race and sex.
• For the purpose of maintaining equality and diversity within every organization of UAE the process of conducting diversity and equality training programs is also increasing day by day.

2. How would you can get benefit from apply roles of (Equality and diversity) in workplace.
There are many benefits associated with maintenance of equality and diversity in workplace as explained below:
• Diversity and equality within the organization let it to open to new ideas and new ways of thinking to get success.
• It will help to attract large number of talented diverse workforce because the company’s job application remains open for everyone without any discrimination.
• With the help of equality and diversity all the employees will feel empowered that they got hired in organization based solely on their ability.
• By maintaining diversity and equality, the organization can see increase in creativity because employees belonging from different backgrounds are more able to approach project and problems in different ways.
• Employing individuals from diverse cultures and maintaining equality among them means that organization get a lot of benefit from diverse language skills thus helping the organization to effectively sell its products and service not only in local market but also in international market with more value and customer support.
• By maintaining diversity and equality people feel happy, comfortable and valued in workplace with good ethical culture and it will automatically leads to reducing employee turnover cost.


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