Essay: Birth control use amongst teens

“Few Teens Use the Most Effective Types of Birth Control.” CDC Press Release. 07 Apr. 2015: n.p. SIRS Government Reporter. Web. 09 Apr. 2015.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the most effective long lasting reversible conception of birth control are the intrauterine devices , IUD’s or implant. CDC explains how LARC is safe to use and is further more effective to reduce teen pregnancy. Many teenage girls that are sexually active mostly use condoms or the pill, but studies show that those two contraception’s start to be used inconsistently. Professional health care providers play an important role in providing awareness to reduce teenage pregnancy. In result to remove the barriers between the confusion of contraception’s that can be given to teenage girls more awareness need to be discussed and access to those who can distribute LARC Services.

Hartocollis, Anemona, and Michaelle Bond. “Ready Access to Plan B Pills in City Schools.” New York Times. 12 Jul. 2013: A.1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 09 Apr. 2015.
Critics of the use of the morning after pill are convinced that it encourages sexual activity among teenagers. Some teens might not even question sexual intercourse because they feel as though the morning after pill will always be available. However, making the morning-after pill available does not decrease pregnancy rates because teenage girls who have taken the pill will shortly after not use a contraceptive and not take the pill the next time they have sexual intercourse. New York City had long ago came to an accommodation with the idea that girls as young as thirteen or fourteen should have easy access to the pill. Through a patchwork of nurses’ offices and independent clinics operating in schools, students can now get free emergency contraceptives like Plan B One-Step in more than fifty high school buildings, generally in neighborhoods with high teenage pregnancy rates. Girls needing the drug have been able to get it immediately under the supervision of doctors or nurse practitioners with prescribing ability. The popular pill known, Plan B One-Step, has become available to all ages without a prescription. Until recently, only those 17 and older could buy it over the counter. Despite the threat of numerous sexual transmitted diseases many teenage girl do not think of the consequences that comes from not using a contraceptive.

Stolberg, Sheryl. “Teen Dads Who Don’t Run Away.” Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA). 12 Mar. 1996: A1+. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 09 Apr. 2015.
‘If I was man enough to lay down and start a family, then I have to make the sacrifices to keep that family.’ Over the past three decades, as the nation has grappled illegitimacy and teen pregnancy, millions of public dollars and countless hours of political rhetoric have been spent on young unwed mothers. Fathers were largely ignored. What little attention they received what was condemnation for getting women pregnant and failing to support their children. As to getting them involved in their kids’ lives, that seemed so farfetched no one bothered to consider it. As the portrait of a teenage farther reveals the change as of effort is far more complicated than teaching them how to change diapers.

Survey Results
While gathering my survey results regarding this topic, teenage pregnancy, my results were very intriguing. Forty five percent of the fifty people I surveyed felt that the IUD or implant would be the most effective use of birth control to prevent teenage pregnancy. Therefore, I feel that the results I gathered from this survey question states me with a good argument regarding what is the best contraception for teenage girls.
When asked how many teenage girls out of five feel will purchase the morning after pill after sexual intercourse from the night before, twenty five percent of the respondents strongly felt that two out of every five girls would purchase a morning after pill.
Strongly many of respondents felt that ten percent of teenage girls are still involved with their child’s father. However, a lot of my respondents felt that ten percent was very generous to say because there are teenage boys that are afraid of the responsibility of a child. Not a lot of teenage couples can bear to accept the change in their lifestyle for better of their own creation.
Based on the findings in my survey, I have come to a decision of what my point of view is regarding teenage pregnancy. The information I have researched will be used to support the many different ways to handle teenage pregnancy. In addition the remaining percentages were split among the following survey questions. However, teenage pregnancies will forever be a major topic in the society as long as the cycle never breaks.

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