Essay: Day of Anger

On 25 January 2011, known as the “Day of Anger”, Protests of all social classes, different age groups, celebrities, women and men, took place in different cities across Egypt. The primary purpose was to protest against abuses by the police in front of the Ministry of Interior, however, these demands expanded to include the resignation of the Minister of Interior, the restoration of a fair minimum wage, the end of Egyptian emergency law, and term limits for the president. Moreover, the march was larger than expected; it broke through the security cordon and moved to Tahrir Square. Accordingly, Police used tear gas and water cannons against the protesters, who in turn threw stones at police, eventually forcing them to retreat. As the people were inspired by Tunisia’s successful revolution, they were as well determined that Mubarak is no different than Ben Ali. People were fed up of Mubarak and his dictatorship, his torture chambers and his failed economic policies. Similarly, they were strongly determined to overthrow him.
Women role:
Egyptian women took part actively within the revolution, while in earlier protests in Egypt, ladies solely accounted for regarding 10% of the protesters, however on Tahrir square they accounted almost 50% within the days leading up to the autumn of Mubarak; as they participated not only in yelling slogans but also in defensing the square, leading debates and risking their lives as well as men.
2- Friday of Anger
Tens of thousands filled the streets across Egypt on Friday, 28 January (also known as Friday of Anger). Hours ahead of the protests, the Egyptian government shut down Internet services but the people found ways to connect and succeeded in marching. Accordingly, Things escaped from the hands of the Egyptian government as an excessive number of demonstrations occurred, destructing many of the headquarters of the National Democratic Party and taking control of police stations, freeing arrested protesters all over Egypt. Consequently, the Egyptian army tried to impose security and imposed a curfew but protesters ignored it and as a result, thousands of protestors were killed and thousands got arrested.

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