Essay: Do gays and lesbians make good parents?

Over the years, a great deal of controversy has escalated regarding whether or not raising children in gay and lesbian family creates an unhealthy environment. But who decides that gays and lesbians can’t be parents? The standard, which society sets for a family and who may raise a child should be examined and reevaluated to include loving parents, not just heterosexual couples. Homosexuals are parents, many from their previous marriages, others through adoption, and few of sperm donors. Studies done about these situations have shown no effects toward the child. If the child is brought up in a loving environment it doesn’t matter whether a single parent or two mothers or two fathers or even a mother and father are the people raising the child. It’s a misconception that gays and lesbians do not wish to become parents. Many gays and lesbians are actually choosing to become parents through adoption, artificial methods, foster parenting, or having children from previous heterosexual relationships. This means that gay and lesbian families are very much a prevalent part of society and show that the norms of society are changing; many kids are being raised by single parents or non-biological parents, including gay couples. The main issue is the family environment that the child is being raised in. If a child is raised in a loving environment and stable home, they are generally classed as normal children. So the question is whether a loving and stable gay family is different from a loving and stable heterosexual family. There are benefits of children being raised in gay families. The children have a greater openness toward minority groups and other groups that are subject to social prejudice. Prejudice is the highest form of ignorance and since the child has grown up in an environment that is very open and they have experienced discrimination at a high level, they will be more accepting. Children that are raised in homosexual homes are not as affected by taunts when they are growing up as similar children growing up in heterosexual homes. Gay citizens have every right to adopt children the same way that heterosexuals can. There is nothing that heterosexual parents can offer that homosexuals can’t, except for a “traditional” family. Nowhere is it mentioned that what is traditional is essentially better; in some cases, studies show that it is the opposite. Also, what is traditional is bound to change, as norms in society are temporary and regulate tradition. Furthermore, there is nothing prohibiting gay couples to have children of their own. So, it would be more beneficial to the children and the state to allow gay couples to adopt children and take in those who need good homes. Interviews with children with gay parents and studies alike, both conclude that having homosexual parents is not detrimental to one’s well-being or mental health and strengths. In fact, children with gay parents often excel.

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