Essay: Dream and racial discrimination

People of color normally endure high levels of stresses that are caused by judgment and impairment from people of other races. This normally has a negative impact on them because in some circumstances they deter them from archiving their dreams. The play A Raising in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry revolves around racial discrimination that black families go through and how it hinders them from archiving their dreams. The author uses the family of Walter which has high expectations but their dreams are killed by either racial discrimination or setting unrealistic goals. For instance after the death of the families bread winner, the only hope the family has is the cheque of $10,000 which the head of the family had kept before he died as his life insurance. Different members of the family have different thoughts on how to spend the money. These results to a conflict which makes no member of the family to benefit from the money. In this paper we are going to focus on the impact that having unrealistic dreams and presence of racial discrimination had on the young black family.

The play begins at the home of a young black family in Chicago which is eagerly waiting for a cheque. The anticipation can be seen when Walter wakes up and the first thing he tells his wife is that the ‘check is coming today’ (I. i. 489). The head of the black family having passed away, his life insurance cheque is the only hope that the family has after having escaped from the south. For the wife and mother of the children, the cheques acts a

consolation of losing the man she had loved and lived with for many years. For the adults in the family, the cheque means an opportunity that they have to fulfill their dream. The youngsters on the other hand live in a small apartment with very poor conditions which explains why they also invested all their hopes in the piece of paper. All the members of the house have a dream that once they acquire the cheque, their life will change somehow.

Money is most defiantly a very significant issue in the play that everyone dreams of making, spending, squandering or having it. This is for the reason that the economy is undergoing numerous challenges according to the plays setting. The dream to live a better life made youngster to always talk of how they will make money which sounded as vagular to influential fellows

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