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Gay and Lesbian’s marriage has been a taboo subjects to be debated about. There are a vast majority of people who have been up against the same-sex marriage. In contrast, for everyone’s equality, gay or lesbian couples should be able to marry the same as straight couples. To start the ball rolling, discrimination always happens. People treat gay and lesbian people differently. Gay and lesbian is expectedly unwelcomed in society. They are bullied mentally and physically. Additionally, there are many cases of bullying gays or lesbians in school. As a result, they are forced to quit school and isolate themselves from people. The result of being depressed in a long time makes them want to commit suicide. It was estimated by The Suicide Prevention Resource Center that between 30% and 40% of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) youth have attempted to suicide. Hence, human right is the great solution. Furthermore, Ms. Hilary Clinton posted a picture on her Facebook page said that, ‘Gay rights is human rights.’ Gays or lesbian only has different sexual orientation. In fact, the capabilities of homosexual and straight people are the same. In contrast, there is still an argument with religion. According to Christian’s Holy Bible, God created Adam and Eve which is showed as a completed being of human. However, science cannot prove anything about this; on the other hand, religious has been created in order to keep peace between human themselves. The United States of America put Same-Sex marriage legal on June, 26, 2015. President Obama quoted that, ‘It is a victory for allies, friends, and supporters who spend years even decades working and praying for change to come and this rule is a victory of America.’ Looking to the reality, by legalizing the same-sex marriage, population growth will decrease. Orphans can be adopted by homosexual people to get the same education as normal kids. The bond in society will be stronger because people share love and forgiveness. In conclusion, People should view things with the positive perspectives. Gay or lesbian couples should be able to marry, respected and supported regardless of who they are and who they love because ‘Love Wins!’

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