Essay; Grandparents raising grandchildren

The amounts of grandparents who are turn out to be substitute parents to their grandchildren are progressing significantly (Fuller-Thomson & Minkler, 2000). As a result of the United States Census, nearly 5.6 million grandparents taking care of the grandchildren.

Apparently, the grandparents can give the grandchildren a warm house atmosphere that is better than foster care or any other legal system. But, growing children is challenging for grandparents, and it does not matter if the grandkids behave good or bad. Grandkids affect the well-being of the grandparents just because of their presence (for good or for worst it is a different matter of discussion).

Unfortunately, the grandkids where the grandparents are the heads of the house undergo several problems, such as an educational, behavioral, and other school-related problems. Some grandparents techniques of grandkids care are reasonable or easy, and it is not easy to determine what is wrong or what is right. For example, some grandparents get minimally involved in grandkids lives, some of them extensively involved with their grandkids. Grandparents can assume there is a loss of esteem for the old individual. The grandparents are afraid to decrease the role they play in their grandchildren’s lives because they do not wish to be denied by their children or grandkids. Anyhow, there is some help seen with respect to the grandparents role. Also, children grown by caregivers who suffer from emotional and physical discomfort may show improper or criminal actions and difficulties in school. Grandparents may have insufficient strength to support children’s school work, social and emotional progress. Some grandparents may be inadequate to support grandkids with homework because of their limited skills with present school courses and advanced technology. Grandparents may have a deficit of time and patience to help their grandchildren to succeed educationally (Rogers & Henkin, 2000).
Also, kids raised by their grandparents usually face behavioral, emotional, and educational problems at school. The challenges they undergo show that these kids need an intervention support from psychologists, school counselors, and other school professionals.

Study shows that grandparents in these families suffer great levels of stress and psychosocial trouble. Usually, grandparents are much older than parents and often getting older becoming physically weak and possibly suffering from active physical condition/diseases. By taking a role of the mother/father, these grandparents increase the pressure that transpires in prolonged sickness, depression, and distress (Emick, & Hayslip, 1999; Poehlmann, 2003).
A few safeguarding grandparents can feel uncertainty or fury/rage in regards of their return to a position of the mother/father. Some grandparents are simply broke and do not have enough financial support in order to provide grandkids with necessary things or needs in order to meet with teachers and school counselors and actively involving themselves in the child’s education as it would be with biological parents.

There are several issues that are contributing to a larger number of grandparents raising grandchildren. For example, parental deaths as a result of violence and AIDS.
Physical and psychological child abuse, drug use, and imprisonment of parents – are the reasons for the children being removed from the homes. As a rule, the child is placed with a relative, frequently the children’s grandparents.
In my opinion, society needs to pay close attention to the problems that influence parents behavior and actions to do things that they should not be doing. Someone needs to advocate parents and help them in order do not get out of control and save own a family and provide a competent environment to the own children. t in here…

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