Essay: Narcissism

1. ‘Me Me Me’ by Sarfraz manzoor ‘ description of ‘new narcissism’ text 1:

The term ‘new narcissism’ comes from the old tale about Narcissus. ‘Narcissus was a young handsome man, who falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water’. From the article Sigmund Freund (the creator of the psychoanalysis) later, use the word in relation with psychiatry. It is, later on then accepted as an actual medical condition. However, the term is rarely, seen as extreme as Narcissus. The modern version is, called ‘New narcissism’ and is a less inordinate as the mentioned in the tale of Narcissus. People like Chris Crooker, is a good example of ‘new narcissism’ today. Britney spears has many difficulties, and critics are all over her. Chris uploads a video to YouTube, where he in his grandparents’ bed sits and screams, ‘leave Britney alone’. Tears are streaming down his cheeks and mascara smeared all over his face. In spite of his dedication on defending Britney, he has other motives. The video is not about defending Britney; it is more to focus on his ego. X-factor is also a great example of this. The main petitioners are talentless losers, who despite the lack of talent comes on the show, for success and fame.

The narcissism society also make men more aware of their look. Plastic treatments and the beauty industry, marketing toward men grows over time.

2. ‘Students narcissism on the rise’ by Janice McDuffie and ‘Do today’s young people really think that they are so extraordinary’? by Catherine West – Compare and comment the two texts text 2 and 3:

In text number two, students tends to see themselves as being better than others are. Our generation, are excessively focused on their selves as individuals, so they forget to respect other people. Young people are too pleased with oneself, and they determine to set unrealistic goals on getting hard college degrees and getting rich. These expectations can be dangerous to have. Issues like competition in college and high taxes may hinder these goals, and it can be very much heart-breaking getting your dream crushed. It is, all shown by a research with 16.475 students 1982-2006. A common way off thinking is ‘If I ruled the world, it would be a better place’

If we compare to text three, were the former president Jimmy Carter has another opinion. Jimmy Carter who is professor at Emory University, do not think that the amount of people, with a narcissism personality has changed, and it is the same as in the past. There is, also done a research that shows there are no connection between, the elapsed time and growth in ‘new narcissism’. Research is done with 25.000 students from 1996-2007 and is compared to a similar study done in the late 1970’s to mid-1980’s.

What we have here is two opinions on the same subject. They both have a survey declaring their believe on ‘new narcissism’. Therefore, I would say it is a tie. Neither off these are more correct than the other one.

3. ‘What have you done to make yourself more attractive on the web’? by readers’ comments ‘ Discuss pros and cons on social media text 4:
The social Medias are a part of today’s culture. Many youngsters are using them every day, to keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook is one of the more common ones to use. It is a very good media to chat on, because 90/100 has a profile. Since we are on the World Wide Web, there are also awfully many downsides. For example if you upload a picture to Facebook. The picture can easily be, manipulated with editing software so the person looks much prettier than reality. The picture can also be miss judged, if you example behave a little inappropriate. These things may result in bullying. Bullying can be very harsh to deal with on the social Medias, because everyone has an equal voice there. A clever man’s word is nor more than a fool. It is also very easy to hide behind a facade as an anonymous person. You can establish groups and websites without revealing your identity. Either way, there are excessively many pros to decommission the social Medias. Everyone on the social Medias is given a choice. It is a fictive world, where we are the creators. What you want to achieve is up to you, and the following consequences is a part of the deal.

If we narrow it down, I think the social Medias is a great thing. It is a very useful tool to understand how life works. Everything you do on the social Medias has an effect. The same goes with life. Everything you do or say can result in either something good or something bad. It is then up to you, what you do with the outcome.

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