Essay: Should Marijuana be legalised?

Marijuana should not be legalized in any country because it can affect our health. Consume marijuana either excessively or rarely can cause harmful in users’ body physically and mentally. Cannabis is not only changing behaviour of a person but also their personality. In terms of mental problem, using marijuana can increase the risk on brain damage. According to research of Potency Monitoring Project (PNP), the intoxicating chemical inside marijuana drugs contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can influence our brain and cause it to damage internal function in users’ body. Consuming marijuana drugs can also decrease brain activity and our IQ rate. Other than that, it can effect on our concentrating while working on an action causes from Euphoria. Euphoria is the feeling of elevated mood which is a devotion or desire and natural incident when it from happy or exciting events. Usually it is produce when an individual smoking marijuana or weed. Once it is smoke, the feeling of Euphoria can immediately absorbed in mind and can make our attitude changing aggressively that sometimes become unpredictable. Besides, utilization of marijuana can stimulate the users to be addicted. According to the percentage of drug users in worldwide, about 9% of drug users became addicted to marijuana as they try and take it in uncontrollable amount. Marijuana’s users once who want to quit have to go through on craving, anxiety and sleeplessness stage then, they will slowly develop normally.
Furthermore, marijuana also might effects on physical problem that can lead stunted growth for children and their further development. This is because the structural changes may be found in the brain when consuming the marijuana. According to North-Western Medicine, children who consume marijuana as their habit can lesser the abilities and movement of children’s body. Redundant in consuming marijuana can lead any user to suffer from bronchitis disease. Scientifically, marijuana drugs contain toxins and carcinogens that can increase the population of bronchitis disease. Bronchitis disease is a respiratory disease in which when mucus membrane in the lung’s bronchial way become aroused and shuts off the tiny air passage in lungs that contiguously coughing and followed by phlegm vehemently and breathlessness. Essentially, spending too much in marijuana can expose drug addict from suffering major health problems such as bronchial asthma. Bronchial asthma is a characterized disease by paroxysmal and fluctuating obstruction in airways that can lead to death. Moreover, physical problem that effects on individual is destructed a women’s menstrual cycle. When excessively use marijuana it can have a high chances on not getting pregnant because studies have reported that marijuana smoker for women will experience late in pregnancy. Also, there are reports on symptoms of abnormal responses in newborn baby such as being hyperactive and accessible startle reflexes. Not only it effect on women but also a men’s sperm production based on research of National in Institute Drug Disease (NIDA).

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