Essay: Systemic racism

Systemic racism refers to an ingrained culture of racisms afflicts a particular society over a long period of time. Such discriminatory practices afflict both the white and black members of community. In most case, however, the black sections of a society face the worst racist practice. This can possibly by marginally higher populations of white persons compared to white individuals. This assertion is proved because on localized regions where white person are discriminated against because of being the minority group. Racism usually involves prejudges and disintegration of the members of the community. Manifestations of racism can be traced to attitudes view points cultivated form childhood. Therefore eradicating systemic racism proves extremely difficult.
The American has experienced a long-running culture of systemic racism. The roots of racism can be understood by reviews the history of migrations into and out of the country. They prominence and source of slave trade resulted in an increase in number of black persons with the US. White person served as the masters of black slaves obtained through human trafficking from African countries. Therefore, the master-slave relationship between whites and blacks led to an inflated sense of superiority on the past of the white. Black people were perceived as inferior to human beings. Plenty of harsh treatment was accorded to black persons crumbling under the yoke of white people.
During the mid-1950, racial inequality was interview into the fabric of American society and culture. In the decade of 1965-1964. Americans grappled with racial inequality. The widespread nature of racial segregation impacted almost all areas with the country. The threat posed by racism was reflected in daily activities. For instance, modes of transportation were segregated so as to cater for black and white persons. Specific sidewalks and restaurants became predominantly either black or white. Institutional racism was also developed in hiring firms and other companies. Blacks become synonymous with certain job description, especially those offered by construction companies. While the blacks grappled with blue-collar jobs, white person reveled in white-collar opportunities. In some instance, blacks were denied medical services in certain institutions. The white received preferential treatment in several establishments within the American society.
The growing number of black persons within the US posed a threat to the superiority and dominance of the community. Consequently, all types segregation measures were adopted so as to suppress the growth and morale of black communities. Element of master-slave relationships still existed within the society. The extent of racism inequality became extreme when blacks began suffering injustices from institutions enacted to support all citizens within the country.

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