Essay: The cyber-bullies are always with you’ – Phil McKenna


Summary, commentary and discussion of the article The cyber-bullies are always with you’ by Phil McKenna

The article is about the problems of getting bullied. Though not the kind bullying our parents expe-rienced when they were young ‘ it’s about cyberbullying. The current generation has developed this whole new kind of bullying. As it goes from the text, this type of bullying is far more destructive to the victim.

The problem is that today’s teens are spending more time than ever on the Internet, which means that a lot of their personal information ends up on the social medias etc. Together with good memo-ries being posted on the sites, the not-so-good stuff will too. This is a major reason to cyberbully-ing, and a good example is the YouTube-video called Star Wars kid. In the video a young man rec-orded himself playing around with a Star Wars lightsaber replica. His classmates found the video, uploaded it to YouTube and he got bullied with it. He stopped going to school due to the bullying and was later diagnosed with depression.

This is a pretty gentle bullying case compared to others where the consequence of the bullying has resulted in suicide.

When the bullying doesn’t happen ‘face to face’, and the person doing the bullying has the option to be anonymous when doing it makes it much worse. Not knowing the person doing it can really hurt, especially when it can’t be stopped. Therefore the main point of the article is text is that anonymity on social medias has caused an increasing and much worse way of bullying because its effect.

I’ve never really been bullied myself, other than the small teasings and banter between friends and I. Though I’ve experienced a few friends getting bullied, but it has never happened over the Internet like in the article. I’m guessing that I’ve been both mentally and physical strong enough to avoid the bullying get to me. Some typical characteristics of a bully are that the person is both stronger, bigger in size, mentally preserved and often more durable than the victim.

Cyberbullying defines a whole new standard and set of rules of bullying. One of the rules, are that there are no rules. It’s everyone against everyone. The cyber bullies just go on till they have a vic-tim, and they will go on till the victims’ computer is shut down. And when the victims get on the computer again, the bullying will continue as it was left.

This anonymity gives the bully the freedom to build a fake identity (also known as a catfish or pup-pet), which can be used to hide behind. When bullies can anonymously be bullies without taking risks, it also takes away the fear that bullies might have when it’s ‘face to face’. It makes them act way more aggressive, and do stuff they wouldn’t have done outside of the social medias. The con-sequences may be frightening if you get caught cyberbullying, but anonymity on the Internet is just one of the countless unique parts of social medias.

The Internet we know today without anonymity would be like replacing the engine of a racing car with an every-day-car. It wouldn’t run properly, and neither would the Internet. But what would happen if we didn’t have online communication? Most of the modern world’s financials and trading happens through the Internet. The modern human today is very depending on social medias and the Internet, and most teens today have grown up with it. They mostly use it for chatting, blogging and watching videos, but there are still teens spending their time being anonymous bullies.

Without this anonymity the social medias would be a so called ‘big brother culture’. Automated computers and ‘social cameras’ would hold track of every activity we do on the Internet. All infor-mation, pictures and videos posted online would be available for anyone. Most people are anony-mous online, but people tend to forget that the Internet isn’t secure, and if one isn’t careful, things will end up available for anyone to watch. With the experienced on the Internet, that most teens have it’s an easy task for them to leak information of people who aren’t careful with the free and available hacking tools online.

It’s tough to avoid the cyberbullying, but the most effective way to do it, is to teach the children the many consequences of their actions online, weather they’re bullies or victims. They need courage and to know that telling a parent is the way to go, if anything happens. They need to know cyber-bullying is a thing and why it’s much worse the ‘face to face’ bullying. This should be done already in elementary before they’re on social medias. Children need to know how it is to be bullied, and the physiological damages it can do, and how to help each other out of it.

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