Essay: Violation of norms

In sociology, norms are expectations that are social that guide the behavior of an individual. They actually explain why human beings do what they do in certain situations. Some norms are enforced by the sanctions that are legal such as walking naked in public places is not allowed and can result to one being arrest by the law enforcers while others require one to just use common sense. In real life people normally experience the pressure that is very strong of conforming to the norms. The violation that is going to be imagined and discussed is clipping my toe nails while sitting with others. The behavior of clipping my toes while others are sitting next me was very irritating to them, since two of them were reading a novel and one of them seemed to be very stressed and never wanted to be disturbed at any cost. Therefore, it would have been wise for me not to do that since it is clear that there was the need to apply the norm of being silent or look for somewhere else to do that by the use of common sense. Therefore, the behavior was violating the peace that those sitting besides me needed. Another form of norm violation that will be suitable for the future classes is whistling while the professor is busy lecturing the class since it will be destructing the attentions of other students who are busy concentrating in class (Kratochwil, 1989).
It was on April 2014, inside the compound of the national library where we were seated at a bench with three other people, two of which were reading novels but one seemed to be stressed and absent minded and looked like he did not want any form of the slightest disturbance whatsoever. Before the experience I was feeling very happy and I was in a jovial mood so I started singing in my mind and before knowing it I was clipping my toes since it was a habit that I was used whenever idleness prevail. During the experience, I noticed that the two boys who were reading novels kept looking at me whenever I clipped until one of them left the bench and the one who seemed to be stressed got at a point where he was forced to click. After the experience I felt very stupid of me as it was an embarrassing experience and I vowed never to violate such a norm again (Kratochwil, 1989).
According to Sanchez, doing such an act is actually disgusting, he gives an example of a woman who enters a bus and after sometime she removes her shoes and starts clipping her fore toenails. According to him at first the act makes you feel like you are at home but after other people start reacting in a negative manner then it makes you feel stupid and you feel like the earth should open beneath you and burry yourself alive simply because you violated the norm of not clipping your toes especially in the public places where you are required to conduct yourself with respect. Sanchez thinks that in this time and age it is high time for people to be civilized as he argues that is the reason why in the past people were living in caves and were not civilized but those days are gone and people should start behaving with respect especially in the public places so as to avoid the small embarrassments. Therefore, from the book it clearly shows that the way I reacted and felt stupid was brought about by the reaction f the people who were sitting besides me and it dawned on me that I was violating the norm of not clipping my toes particularly in public places (Sanchez, 2014).
In the sociological book by Linn, clipping of nails in the office is against the office etiquettes and should not be condoned even in the public places. He gives an example of two workmates and one of them had a habit of clipping his toes about two to three times every week. The other workmate was usually irritated by the clipping sound and could not concentrate on his job. At some point he was fed up and asked the manager to relocate him to another desk since where he was sitting at the moment he could not concentrate at all. After he was relocated the employee who had a habit of clipping his nails was surprised why his workmate decided to do so but after he discovered that it was due to his habit of clipping his toes in the office he felt stupid and decided to stop the habit. The book also shows that my reaction of feeling stupid was similar to the employee who had a habit of clipping his toes and what made him realize that he was violating the norm was when his fellow workmate had to relocate to another desk as he could not withstand the irritating sounds (Linn, 2012).
The reason that contributed to the violation of the norm was due ignorance thus making it a habit and also due to the fact that nobody has ever reacted to the behavior in the past thus making me to have a feeling that clipping my toes in public was not violating the norm. According to Lin, the employee had a habit of clipping his toes in the office and before he noticed the reaction of his colleague he never thought that he was doing something wrong. Therefore the book clearly shows that before people react to your bad habit of violating certain norms, one cannot realize that he or she is on the wrong track but when one realizes after the reactions from people he fills stupid and never repeats the act. If I would have enacted the violation, then my thoughts could not be able to forgive me since it would be a very embarrassing experience which no one would like to experience. According to most of the reading, people who have passed through the same situations have gone through embarrassing situations because of their behavior since they feel stupid of themselves and it is a lesson enough for one not to repeat the same act once again in public. The other thing is that since people experience certain pressure which is strong to adhere to the norms then to some extent I did that since I ignored the responsibility of adhering to the norms but if I could have enacted the violation in real life situation then my thought s could allow me to bear the consequences of my action. From the book by Sanchez it can be clearly noticed that after the woman got into the bus she removed her shoes and started clipping her toes, to some extent she must have been aware that it is not right to do that in public places since she was experiencing a strong force of not adhering to the norm. Therefore, the book justifies my action if I was to enact the violation in a real life situation despite the fact that it is not right to enact the violation especially in the public places which need to be given some form of respect (Sanchez, 2014).
In conclusion, norms are the social requirements that control the behavior of a person. They actually do give a guideline on what one needs to do and what he does in particular situations. Some of the norms are enforced by law while others just require an individual to use common sense while applying them. By nature human beings experience a certain force of not wanting to adhere to the norms and thus many a times find themselves violating the norms. The violation that has been imagined and discussed is clipping my toe nails while sitting with others. The act made me to feel stupid due to the negative reactions by the people who were sitting besides me since they were irritated by the bad habit and one of them had to leave the bench and I vowed never to repeat the act at any time. Three sociological books have been used to analyze the violation by justifying it and showing how it is not accepted due to the reaction of the people affected. Therefore it is wise not to violate the norms that we are required to respect every time and most particularly in the public places.

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