Influence of using Facebook on self esteem


This study aims at finding out the influence that the use of Facebook will have on self-esteem. That is, to know whether self-esteem could be downgraded or upgraded by presenting oneself to the world through Facebook activities.

Results from this study shows that the frequent activities that the participants perform when they are on Facebook are on chatting with the score of 73 or 60.83%, viewing with 53 or 44.17% while on posting with the score of 13 or 10.83% and playing games with 12 or 10%. This means that the more people use Facebook activities as a means of social interaction, the greater the frequency of their interaction, which will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and life-satisfaction. This explains why most university students especially the first year students do chatting and viewing with their friends on Facebook platform. It also explains why the use of Facebook has increased among young individuals. This finding is that the use of Facebook brings satisfaction and well-being to the users because they have friends to share their feelings, emotion, joy and pain with whenever the need arises. The users could also seek for professional advice from their professional friends on the Facebook. The communication and sharing information with others may find difficult to do in face-to-face interaction. This findings supports from the previous findings of Kalpidou et al (2011), Kim & Davis (2008), Lee et al (2006) and Gross (2009).

Moreover, the results in the level of self-esteem indicated with the average score of 82 or 68.3% of the participants. In the research by Gonzales and Hancock (2011) found that spending time on Facebook boosts self-esteem measures. The results do however interlink with Gonzales et al study which stated that the self-presentation is linked to Facebook use. It can be said that those people with low level of self-esteem are taking their posting information about themselves to boost their social self-esteem., therefore people who spending longer time than those with higher level of self-esteem. Ellison et al (2007) found that Facebook use was related to bridging, bonding and maintaining social capital, so it can be said that those with low self-esteem are more often to maintain relationships and boosts social self-esteem.

In the present study, self-esteem was found to be relatively high among participants. However, even though the results were not significant there was still a correlation found between self-esteem and Facebook use, this is in contrast to Wilson et al’s study (2010) where their results indicated no link between self-esteem and social networking sites.

Academic supporters of these findings were Mehdizadeh (2010), Wilson et al (2010), Ellison et al (2007), Kalpidou et al (2011) and Gonzales et al (2011) all of whom expressed shared and contrasting views on the subject matter were imperative to the study so the researcher could obtain a general overview of this important area.

The findings of this study suggest that Facebook has a great impact not only for creating new and maintaining old relationships, but also informed people about social events that occur on campus. The researchers believe that the relationship between social college adjustment and Facebook use implies that colleges could use social networking sites to their benefits by creating opportunities to connect with their students with each other and campus life activities.


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