Ancient Greek Agora

The Ancient Greek time's agora was located possibly in two locations and these are either near the Port or at the centre of the city being one of the buildings found in the Central business district of that time so it was obviously surrounded by many Public buildings and worship venues.
Legend has it that in the 4th and 5th centuries BC two kinds of agora existed. Pausanias-A Grecian general who died 470BC in one of his literatures wrote that the two kinds of Agora that existed were the Archaic type and the Ionic type, General Pausanias sited the agora of Elis that was built around the year 470 BC as a perfect example of the archaic type, The Elis Agora had non-coordinated row of supporting columns and other buildings, this was intentional as that was the notion that was being portrayed, that of disorderliness. After the Persian in the year 490-449BC) War that lead to the destruction of the agora of Athens. It was rebuilt and remodelled as an Archaic agora with the disorderly arrangement of colonnades and adjoining public buildings. The other kind of Agora mentioned by General Pausanias which was the Ionic type was more organized in symmetry, it often combining colonnades to form either three sides of a rectangle or a regular square; Miletus, Priene, and Magnesia ad Maeandrum, cities in Asia Minor, provide early examples. The Ionic Agora became quickly accepted and it was accepted in Roman times as it was developed in Hellenistic. The Agora was a major influence in the development of the Roman Forum in this period and was later in turn influenced by the same Roman. The Roman was influenced by the Agora in that it was conceived in a more steadfast or rigid manner and the Agora was influenced by it becoming more and specific, regular surrounded by planned Architecture
Worthy of note about the Agora is that its use varied at different eras, for example, in the Classical era the space was not always reserved for the popular assembly.
Other functions the Agora include; gymnastic and theatrical functions up until other special buildings were constructed for those other functions.
In Athens women that were respected and influential were hardly seen in the Agora, Men with murder accusations were also forbidden not to make use of the Agora for socializing up until their trials. Men that were classified as honorable men or free men usually made use of the Agora for business purposes and also to socialize. In very rare and almost impossible circumstances, a tomb will exist in the Agora as a mark of honor granted to a late citizen.
2.2 The theatre (Its definition and evolution)
The word 'theatron' (Greek by origin) is the derivative word that theatre was gotten from. The word simply means a centre for seeing or in better still watching therefore by extension, the word theatre means or can be defined a space used for performance and display of presentations. The theatre can also be referred to as building where performances may be staged before a group of people watching. One of the main determinants of the final design of a theatre since ancient has been the physical need of the audience or spectators during viewing and hearing. Another determinant has been the nature of activities being presented.
2.3 The evolution of the theatre.
Far before the several travels by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century the growth in civilization of the Mediterranean Basin in general in the East, the northern western hemisphere and northern Europe have remained proofs of construction whose relationship religious rites

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