Unemployment In Clifton Block 8

This research report is mainly based on the causes of unemployment which will be discussed in detail throughout the report. A number of samples have been taken in this regard in the form of a questionnaire from different age groups and different level of educated people to get the idea of unemployment in this area. Furthermore the data will be formulated into statistical charts and graphs to represent the results in the form of percentages.

Research Methodology

To explore the causes of unemployment, the questionnaire will be made consisting several causes that cause unemployment and that will be secondary data collected from internet and after the residents fill out the questionnaire we will get the primary data and will find out what are the actual causes in this regard among the causes written in the questionnaire.
Research Problem
The problem of research report is unemployment in Clifton Block 8.
Research Question
'What are the causes of unemployment in Clifton Block 8'?

The research in this area is of high significance as the unemployment is increasing day by day and if this goes on people will be dying of hunger and eventually they will be up to commit any crime to fill the needs of their stomach and of their families as well. But if I will be able to find out the reasons behind this unemployment then the concerned authorities will have a clear idea of the causes and they can work on them to give the opportunities of employment to the needy and deserving residents. This will raise the standard of living in my area and also the crime rate will decrease as the unemployment rate decreases.

Before we progress to the main report it is essential to elaborate basically what is unemployment? Some of the internet definitions define unemployment as:
ByTejvan Pettinger on June 3, 2010[1]
'Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment.

Note:If a Mother left work to bring up a child or if someone went into higher education, they are not working but would not be classed as unemployed as they are not actively seeking employment.
One grey area is voluntary unemployment. This occurs when the unemployed choose not to take a job as the going wage rate (e.g. wrong job, benefits too high etc.) They could be counted as unemployed because they are still seeking a job (they just don't want to take one they are offered. '
According to Business Dictionary [2]
Total number of able men and women of working age seeking paid work. Unemployment statistics vary according to how unemployment is defined and who is deemed to be part of the workforce. Traditional methods for collecting unemployment data are based, typically, on sampling or the number of unemployment benefit requests. International labor organization (ILO) computes unemployment on the basis of number of people who have looked for employment in the last four weeks and are available to start work within two weeks, plus those who are waiting to start working in a job already obtained
According to Investopedia [3]
'Unemployment occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is often used as a measure of the health of the economy. The most frequently cited measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate. This is the number of unemployed persons divided by the number of people in the labor force.'
So the above definitions, explanations and examples give us a very detailed idea about the unemployment.
And now over to the main research question, which is to explore the causes of unemployment in the Clifton Block 8. It's been over sixteen years I have been living in this area and in this period I have seen many changes in my vicinity. Some of the changes are good as the new roads , under passes and a lot of bridges have been constructed to facilitate the residents but along with the increase in these good changes one unwanted thing also increased and that is unemployment.
This area is amongst one of the regions of the city which contributes too much to economy of our city that is Karachi and eventually somehow effects the economy of our country that is Pakistan.
As this region contributes greatly towards the economy so it's a big reason to worry about. It's not only about economy it's also about giving a better livelihood to the mankind it effects the life of other innocent employed people as this unemployment eventually leads to the crime, as the people don't have any means of earning so they are encouraged by the black sheep's of the society to commit crime, and even if they are not encouraged by the black sheep's of the society they still don't have any other option by which they can fulfill the needs of themselves and their families.
So it was very essential to find out the real causes which are leading towards unemployment and somehow highlight them in front of the governing body of Clifton Block 8.

The most important stage of any research question is the way of gathering data related to it and the analysis of that problem. And for the analysis of the problem of unemployment in Clifton Block 8, the method adopted for the data collection is a probability sampling.
Among the probability sampling the data has been collected by Stratified Random Sampling that is the population of Clifton Block 8 has been divided into different and among the strata the questionnaire has been given to random people to fill. This method of Stratified |Random Sampling is selected so that sample is collected from people belonging to different age groups and different level of education.
In the questionnaire few questions are asked just to bring the mind of a person towards the unemployment and then questions are asked regarding the causes of unemployment which every individual circled according to his or her understanding, and according to the feedback of the residents of Clifton Block 8 the following data has been collected and shown in statistical bar charts and pie charts.

So according to the samples collected through a questionnaire these results are obtained, which clearly shows that ' Bribe ' is major reason considered of unemployment according to the residents of Clifton Block 8. And then comes the 'PersonalRelations' which means that people prefer give jobs and projects mostly to the candidates of their own blood relations or to their friends and colleagues. And then comes the ' Government Policies ' which includes policies like that the job of a deceased employ will be transferred to his/her son or daughter or to any of his relative. And then 'Religious Issue' is considered as the cause of unemployment that is some jobs are against to the religion of candidates for example if a candidate is Muslim he is not allowed to work in an environment where interest is given or taken and in almost banks in the area of Clifton Block 8 are non-Islamic Banks and their earning is solely based on giving interest and taking interest so the opportunity of getting employment in banks is eliminated for the Muslim candidates.And then in the last reason for unemployment becomes ' Sexism ' and ' Racism ' which basically means that people give jobs based on their sex that if one is male or female and then the racism in which people prefer to give jobs to the people of their race, cast , and color.

After doing long and detailed research regarding the unemployment, basically the causes and major reasons behind this unemployment I am finally able to identify some of the major causes behind this unemployment in Clifton Block 8 by taking samples from people of different age groups and different level of educations and some samples were taken from illiterates .
So finally the major causes behind this unemployment in Clifton Block 8 are concluded according to the answers circled by the residents.
1) Giving or taking bribe is the major cause; people are highly affected as the rich people are taking over the jobs by giving bribe.
2) A personal relation is the second major cause, as the executive heads recruit mostly their own blood or people known to them.
3) In the third place residents considered Government Policies as the major cause as they are getting no help from the government in this regard, and most of the government jobs are given to their decedents.
4) And the fourth place has been given to the Religious Issues, that is some jobs and unemployment opportunities are against ones religion so they can not avail the opportunity as it goes against their religion and people are not willing to sacrifice their religion.
5) In the fifth place, it is Racism that is recruitment is done by seeing ones cast or color.
6) And in the last sexism is considered as the major cause in this regard, because some opportunities are given to a specific sex even though the other gender is capable of doing the same task.

As no problem arises in a single day it takes time too much time to arise, similarly no issue or cause can be solved within a period of dawn to dusk but one needs to find the solution as quickly as possible.
Behind every major cause of unemployment there is its own separate and specific solution, which may vary from one individual to another. After living for more than 16 years in this area I have known people of this area very well. And I would go with the following recommendations after inspecting the behavior of people in this area.
To eliminate bribe from the society is not an easy task and it can not be achieved until the individuals of that society are willing to eliminate it because they are the one who will have to stop giving bribe because as soon as they stop giving bribe the other person will be having no chances of taking bribe as no one is willing to give, so he / she will have no other way but to do his job fairly. And it does not up end here certain government should play his role here and set up policies to find the black sheep's of the society and make the environment better for every unemployed person and for the young generation which is soon going to contribute towards the economy of our country and they are considered as the essential part of every society in every part of the world.
Furthermore for the problem regarding personal relations, certain departments must be set up to look after this issue and put a double check on the people who are recruiting. And as no one and no government is perfect so we cannot consider any government which is perfect. So there are flaws in the government policies but our government is working hard on the other issues but somewhere they have forgotten this major issue, the government needs to review its policies regarding recruitment so they can provide ease to the residents who voted for them and elected them.
We are living in a multi religious society where people belonging to different religions are living together and practicing their own religion freely, but there are major conflicts in religion on which the followers can not compromise for example many banks are non-Islamic and Muslims are not willing to work in banks due to this reason. But it is not possible to shut down every non Islamic bank as it is no where written in constitution that you cannot set up a bank based on interest. So only thing which can be done in this regard is that try to explain the concept of Islamic banking to the owners of non-Islamic banks. As Islamic laws are meant for the betterment of mankind and its guaranty has been given by Almighty ALLAH so there is no way that bank will have to bear heavy loss.
The problem of sexism and racism is an ethical problem, and it can only be solved or reduced to an extent by improving ethics and manners of the people. For that purpose every individual must be taught from the very beginning that every individual is equal and everyone has same and equal rights of living. And this is a thing which every religion teaches to his followers that we all are equal but there are some black sheep's in society who have created these racism issues. It will take time but if we talk about equality in every educational seminar and gathering so eventually this will be reduced to a great extent.

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